R i v e t s
The Reinforced Discography

[last updated 18 July 98]

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E P s

RIVET 129 Alpha Omega Electro Cyanide / ? ?
RIVET 123 Nucleus & Paradox This Side Of Forever / Decompositions ?
RIVET 122 Hidden Agenda / Seven Transmission / Fish Eggs ?
RIVET 121 Torus Perspective / Contours ?
RIVET 120 Arcon 2 Neut / Shock ?

RIVET 119 Paradox Cuba / ? 1997
RIVET 118 Torus Fuse / ? 1997
RIVET 117 Sonar Circle Keeping My Sanity / ? 1997
RIVET 116 Nucleus & Paradox Esoteric Funk / ? 1997
RIVET 115 Seiji The Long Way / ? 1997
RIVET 114 Arcon 2 Zorak / 90/90 Sept 1997
RIVET 113 ? ? ?
RIVET 112 The Sonar Circle Fresh / Checkmate Aug 1997
RIVET 111 Alpha Omega Nubian Minds / ? ---
RIVET 110 Vortexion This Side Down / New Chapter Rd. Aug 1997

RIVET 109 Seiji Chasing Dreams / Storm Report May 1997
RIVET 108 Procedure 769 Lethal Dosage / i Cyanide ii The Chamber 1996
RIVET 107 Sonar Circle Strength / ? ---
RIVET 106 Aqua Sky Moondance / i Concrete Boom ii April ---
RIVET 105 Alpha Omega Realism / Visions ---
RIVET 104 Alpha Omega Outer Dimensions / New Armageddon 1996
RIVET 103 Leon Mar Running / The Men Who Fell to Earth 1996
RIVET 102 New Skool The Natural / i Society ii Measuring Distance 1996
RIVET 101 Arcon 2 The Beckoning / Skyland 1996

RIVET 12101 DJ Randall / Goldie Enforcers 10
Flava's / Manslaughter (The Rider Proto)
Sep 1996
RIVET 12100 Leon Mar / Lemon D Enforcers 9
Confessions / Break It Up
Sep 1996
RIVET 1299 Innervisions Inside Yourself / Static Link Aug 1996
RIVET 1298 Chris Energy Presents Sound Architects
Phantasies / Vortex
Aug 1996
RIVET 1297 Spacelink Timezone Remixes
Timezone / Offset Jazz
Jul 1996
RIVET 1296 Arcon 2 Liquid Earth Part 1 / Liquid Earth Part 2 Jun 1996
RIVET 1295 Immortal Minds Me 'N' to You / Rhythms of Your Mind May 1996
RIVET 1294 G-Force & Seiji Northern Exposure / 3rd Rail May 1996
RIVET 1293 Nookie Pot Belly / The Blues Apr 1996
RIVET 1292 Static Imprints Catch 20 / Untitled Saturday Apr 1996
RIVET 1291 JLM Productions Autumn / I Hear You Mar 1996
RIVET 1290 Innervisions In the Shadow / Digital Readout Mar 1996

RIVET 1289 Prophets of Soul Smoke 'N' Snares / i A New Song ii Wisdom Feb 1996
RIVET 1288 Leon Mar Release the Love / Silent Running Mar 1996
RIVET 1287 Cold Mission Guest Spots (Aqua Sky Remix) / Drug Store Rudebwoy (Nu-Era Remix) Feb 1996
RIVET 1286 Fusion Forum Vintage Keys (The Art) / A New Beginning Jan 1996
RIVET 1285 Chris Energy Drum Perspectives EP
Astral Funk / i Zalongo ii Around
Nov 1995
RIVET 1284 Immortal Minds Voodoo Culture / Cosmic Jungle Remix Jan 1996
RIVET 1283 Spacelink Timezone / Offset Jazz Nov 1995
RIVET 1282 Immortal Minds Pinakle Vision / Flux 1995
RIVET 1281 J.L.M. Productions Missing From The Picture (Remix) / No Appreciation 1995
RIVET 1280 Cold Mission Comin' On Strong / Guest Spots 1995

RIVET 1279
limited ed. 2 x 12
The Guyver
Deep Cover
I'm Coming Alive
I'm Coming Alive (Manix Mix)
The Whip
Musical Flavour
RIVET 1278 Nookie Only You Remix / Hardcore ---
RIVET 1277 Nookie A Drum a Bass & a Piano (Origin Unk Remix) / A Drum a Bass & a Piano ---
RIVET 1276 Tek 9 We Bring Anybody Down
Jus' Can't Keep My Cool
It's London
RIVET 1275
2 x 12
Manix Intelligent Hoodlums EP
Back To Burn
True Mathematics
A Jazz Bop
Crystal Winds
Break-In'It Down For My Cru
Intelligent Hoods (Tek 9 Mix)
RIVET 1274 Immortal Minds The City 3 / Cosmic Jungle ---
RIVET 1273 Various Enforcers 8
The Two G's - Energy
Stretch & G-Force - The Rehearsal
Tek 9 - Slow Down - Nookie Remix
Manix - Turn Away Skull Special Request - Tek 9 Remix
RIVET 1272 Private Productions Education / Children of the Ghetto ---
RIVET 1271 apparently unreleased --- ---
RIVET 1270 X-Formula Taking Over
Give a Little Love
Come Catch It
Rock U Better

RIVET 1269
2 x 12
Tek 9 Jus' A Likkle Sumtin
'The Tek 9 Reinterpretation of Code 071's 'A London Sumtin' 1991
Some Original Urban Jungle Music
Summer Breeze
We're Gettin' Down
You Can't Do Wrong
Pushing Back Remix
Pushing Back
RIVET 1268 Nookie Only You / Celebrate Life ---
RIVET 1267 Cold Mission 20 Below Zero EP
Music is Music (Share My Love - 4Hero Remix w/ Miles Hailstone on Trumpet)
The Sound Bizniz
Drug Store Rude Boy
Sugar Daddy Toone
RIVET 1266 Cold Mission Dreamers
Freaky Style
Redy 2 Atak
For Da Ladies
RIVET 1265 UnderGround Software 'III' Swallow Something (Clean Da R****)
Find Yourself Another (Big)
Comprensive Vibes
He's Really Gone (Tom and Jerry Remix)
RIVET 1264 JLM Productions Matter Of Trust EP
Words Between Us
Afraid To Tell
Find Yourself Remix
Can't Understand
RIVET 1263 Primary Source Everyone's a Gangsta E.P.
All Of My Heart
Smile Remix
Simply Rollin'
Doors & Stones
RIVET 1262R Tek 9 Killing Time Remixed
(Killing Time) Remixed By Spielberg
(Killing Time) Remixed By Tom & Jerry
(Killing Time) Remixed By Tek 9
(Killing Time) Remixed By Points Proven
RIVET 1262
Tek 9 Killing Time
Dem A Gwan Like Dem Know Badness
RIVET 1261 Low Key Movements Ear Drums (Good Times)
Makes Me Wanna
Come Cross
RIVET 1260 Various Enforcers 7
DJ Peshay - Gangsta II (The Remix)
AK47 - Field Of Dreams
FBD Project - Gesture Without Motion
Kemistry & Storm - Signature

RIVET 1259 Nick O.D. Tearin' EP
Non(sence) TEK 9 Remix
Jazzy Hardcore '94 Lick
Distance (I Need You) Remix
RIVET 1258 Project A-KO Afterglow Parts 1 & 2
Passion and Fire
Surgically Removed
In Time
RIVET 1257 Various Enforcers 6
Covert Operations - Ice Cold
Myerson - Find Yourself
Wax Doctor - The Saint (Simon Templer Mix)
The Alliance - First Impressions
RIVET 1256 Doc Scott The Last Action Hero EP
Paradise Lost (The Last Action Hero)
NHS (Reinforced Shout)
RIVET 1255 Nookie Give a Little Love
Give A Little Love (Manix Remix)
Livin' Inside A Dream
RIVET 1254 Underground Software Music Maker Posse
He's Gone
The Crickets featuring The Singing Rats
Different Ting (Tek 9 Mix)
RIVET 1253R Tek 9 Breakin' Sound Barriers Remixes
The Attack (4 Hero Remix Esq)
The Original (4 Hero Remix)
Partz One & Two (Manix Remix)
Theme & F.U. (Points Proven Remix)
RIVET 1253 Tek 9 Breakin' Sound Barriers
The Attack
Theme and F.U.
Partz One & Two
RIVET 1252
promo only
Primary Source Everyone's A Gangsta EP ---
RIVET 1251 Various Enforcers 5
Grooverider & Metalheads - Sinister (Influence Mix)
Nookie - Phobia
Rufige Kru - Manslaughter (Part One: The Runner's Edge)'
Doc Scott - Street Knowledge
RIVET 1250RR 4 Hero Better Place (US Hause Remixes)
Original Mix feat. Charlemagne
Crunchy Nut Mix
Winking Mix
C.M.Toni Mix
a few of these were on red vinyl
RIVET 1250R 4 Hero Golden Age Remixes
Students Of The Future (4th Dimension Mix)
Golden Age (Peace 1000)
Students Of The Future (Nostradamus:The Revelation)
Better Place Becomes Reality (4 Hero Remix)
most of these were on a picture disk
RIVET 1250 4 Hero Golden Age EP
Students Of The Future
Golden Age
Better Place
most of these were on clear green vinyl

RIVET 1249 Various Enforcers 4
Manix & Rufige Kru - You Held My Hand
R.Solution - Main Source
Manix - The X Factor (Director's Cut)
Tek 9 - Seven Long Years
RIVET 1248 DJ Peshay Protege EP
The Warning
On The Firm
RIVET 1247 Nebula II Benzine Fiend
Clocked It
Eye Memory (Spacewalked)
Eye Memory (Spacewalked DJ
RIVET 1246 Internal Affairs In My Soul
Find A Way
Hands To Heaven
Shinin' Down On Me
RIVET 1245 Younghead Creatures Of The Night
Control Your Fear
Bad Bad Man '4
RIVET 1244 Rufige Kru Terminator II
Fabio's Ghost (The Edit)
Ghost Of My Life
High Rollerz (Ghostin' Out)
RIVET 1243RR Manix US House Remixes
Reach Out Dub
Reach Out Bump Mix
Reach Out Rude Dub
RIVET 1243R Manix Heading to the Light Remixes
Heading To The Light Remix
When You Hold Me Close (92 Mix)
Alright Wid Me (Tek 9 Mix)
Reach Out (Dr.Tommy Mix)
RIVET 1243R Manix Heading to the Light EP
Heading To The Light
When You Hold Me Close
Alright Wid Me
Reach Out
RIVET 1242 Various Enforcers 3
Inta Warriors - What Would You Do
Rufige Kru - Rollin' Like Scottie
Manix - Take A Look Around
Tek 9 - Real Love
4 Hero - In The Shadow pt.3 (Stalker Mix)
Metalheads - Kemistry (Untouchable Mix)
RIVET 1241 Scott & Keith Deranged (Bonus Drums Mix)
Deranged Part II
Get Busy Cru
RIVET 1240R Delirium Days Of Our Lives (Tek 9 Riding Mix)
Days Of Our Lives (Tek 9 Rolling Mix)
Days Of Our Lives (Tek 9 Hour Glass Mix)
RIVET 1240 Delirium Days Of Our Lives (2 Bad Mice Mix)
Days Of Our Lives (Presta Mix)
Days Of Our Lives (Manix Mix)
Days Of Our Lives (Joey Beltram Mix)

RIVET 1239 Nookie The Return of Nookie
Shining In Da Darkness
Drummer Of Doom
Gonna Be Alright (Cloud 9 Mix)
RIVET 1238R Tek 9 The Return of Tek 9 Remixes
Rude Bwoy Run Tings (Lightweight Leave The Dance Mix)
Don't Leave Me This Way Part 2
You Got To Slow Down (Manix Mix)
You Got To Slow Down (The Re-Run)
RIVET 1238 Tek 9 The Return of Tek 9
Don't Leave Me This Way Part 2
Rude Bwoy Run Tings
You Got To Slow Down
You Got To Slow Down (M.Mix)
RIVET 1237 Nick O.D. Spam Volume 2
Good Inside
Distance (I Need You)
Came To Me
RIVET 1236 Various Enforcers 2
DJ Randall - The R
4 Hero - Angry People
Manix - Turn Away Skull
Internal Affairs - Stylin
RIVET 1235R 4 Hero Journey From the Light Remixes
Journey From The Light Remix
In The Shadow (Sunrise Mix)
The Elements (Fire & Water Mix)
The Power Dub (R.Solution Mix)
RIVET 1235 4 Hero Journey From the Light
Journey From The Light
In The Shadow (Sundown)
The Elements (Highnoon)
The Power
RIVET 1234 Primary Source Smile
The Och
Lovin' You
Mic Check
RIVET 1233R Nasty Habits As Nasty As I Wanna Be
Dark Angel (Remix)
Lets Go (Cold Remix Remix)
Here Comes The Drumz (Remix)
Mayday Mayday (Remix)
RIVET 1233 Nasty Habits As Nasty As I Wanna Be
Dark Angel
Lets Go (Cold Remix)
Here Comes The Drumz
Mayday Mayday
RIVET 1232R Nebula II Peace Maker (Remix) / X-Plore H-Core (Remix) ---
RIVET 1232 Nebula II Peace Maker / X-Plore-H-Call ---
RIVET 1231R Open Skies Stop The Music (Remix)
Deep In Your Eyes (Remix)
Mellow Flow (Remix)
RIVET 1231 Open Skies Deep In Your Eyes
Stop The Music
Ozone Nights
Mellow Flow
RIVET 1230 CODE 071 & M.A.D A London Sumtin' Remix
Bassline Dub
Stop That featuring M.A.D.
Stop That instrumental

RIVET 1229R Tek 9 Del Die GoGo Remix
Doughnuts & Ice Cream Reprise
Just A Dream Remix III
Doughnuts & Ice Cream '19th September Remix'
RIVET 1229 Tek 9 Just A Dream - Part 2 (Manix Remix)
Just A Dream
Del Die Gogo (Feat. Rufige Kru)
Doughnuts & Ice Cream
RIVET 1228 One II One Legend / ? ---
RIVET 1227 Lewi Cifer Confidence
Feel The Panic
You Are Too Shy
I'm Talking
RIVET 1226 Underground Software Different 'Ting
Total Niceness
Conscious Lyrics
Electronic Pig
RIVET 1225 Sudden Def Cordon Bleu
You Took My Love Away
I Got What You Want
RIVET 1224 Rufige Kru Darkrider
Jim Screech
RIVET 1223 Various Enforcers 1
4 Hero - We Bring The Trophy
Tek 9 - Dis Original Style
Neurosis - Neurosis
Is This? - Techno Off Springs
RIVET 1222 Younghead Bad Bad Man
I Love Hardcore
The Way I See Things Either Join The Crew Or Get Beat Down
RIVET 1221R Manix Try To Love Me (Remix)
Let Your Mind Be Free (Remix)
Rainbow People (Remix)
Hardcore Junglism (Exclusive Remix)
RIVET 1221 Manix Try To Love Me
Let Your Mind Be Free
Rainbow People
Hardcore Junglism
RIVET 1220 Rufige Kru Killa Muffin (The Band Dog Mix)
Krisp Biscuit (Power)

RIVET 1219R Sudden Def Sudden Def Let It Hit Them (Remix)
Give It To Me (Got It Mix)
Fall Like Rain (Madness To My Method - Remix)
RIVET 1219 Sudden Def Let It Hit Dem
Give It To Me
Fall Like Rain
RIVET 1218R Nick O.D. Spam Volume 1 Remixes
Jazzy Hardcore (Festa Remix)
Let Your Mind Be Free (Tek 9 Mix)
Ruff Dub Remix
Have Ya Got Any More Spam (No Don't Yam Pork Remix)
RIVET 1218 Nick O.D. Spam Volume 1
Got Anymore Spam
Jazzy Hardcore
Your Mind Be Free
Ruff Dub
RIVET 1217 USI King Of Dub Rock
Don Gorgon
Me Love Me Ses
RIVET 1216R 4 Hero Where's The Boy? (4 Hero Mix)
Cookin' Up Yah Brain (Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era Remix)
I'm Burnin' (R.Solution Mix)
RIVET 1216 4 Hero Where's The Boy? (Trial By Ecstacy)
Cookin' Up Yah Brain
Time To Get Ill
I'm Burnin'
RIVET 1215 Basic Rhythm The Rhyme (Remix) / Neurosis ---
RIVET 1214 One II One I Want You
I Want You (Manix Mix)
32 Pages
RIVET 1213 Code 017 A London Sumtin'
Stand Together (vocal with Ash B)
Stand Together (instrumental)
RIVET 1212R Manix Oblivion (Remix)
Never Been To Belgium (Remix)
I Can't Stand It (Remix)
RIVET 1212 Manix Oblivion (Head In The Clouds)
Never Been To Belgium
I Can't Stand It
You Held My Hand
RIVET 1211R Nebula II Seance (Remix) / Anthema ---
RIVET 1211 Nebula II Seance / Anthema ---

*RIVET 1210 Basic Rhythm The Rhyme
* because of poor production, this 12" was scrapped and re-released as RIVET1215
RIVET 1209R Manix Stupid Dope (Remix)
Special Request (Remix)
Feel Real C.C.Tony Hause Mix
RIVET 1209 Manix Manic Minds EP
Stupid Dope Mix
Special Request
Feel Real Good
Can't Take No More
RIVET 1208 4 Hero The Head Hunter EP
Ghost Stories
Reaching (Nourishment Re-Mix)
Make Yah See Spiders On The Wall (Voodoo Beats)
Mind Loss (A State of Amnesia)
RIVET 1207 R-Solution Blowing My Mind / Skinny Long Git On the Brown Stone ---
RIVET 1206 4 Hero No Sleep Raver / Marimba ---
RIVET 1205 Tek 9 Kingdom Of Dub
Pon De Corner
To The Mother Land
I See 3 Salute
RIVET 1204 4 Hero The Scorcher (Dance Mix)
The Scorcher (Musical Merits)
Kirk's Back (Official)
Kirk's Back (For The Thiefs Mix)
RIVET 1203 4 Hero Mr.Kirk's Nightmare
Move Wid The House Groove
Combat Dance
RIVET 1202 4 Hero Combat Dance
i Another Weekend
ii Rising Sun (Remix)
iii Mr. Kirk's Nightmare
iv Move Wid The House Groove
RIVET 1201 4 Hero Rising Sun / All Be Free 1990(?)

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