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The Reinforced Internal Affairs division is headed by the label founders and original members of 4 Hero: Dego, Mark, Gus, and Ian. Since 1993, Dego and Mark have taken over most of the production efforts of the 4 Hero concept, while Gus and Ian have moved into important logistical support positions.

Recently, 4 Hero has moved on to releasing music primarily through the label Talkin Loud, and has released the "Earth Pioneers" EP in the Autumn of 1997, and Two Pages, their 3rd album, in July of 1998.

Dego and Mark also operate under their own individual aliases. Dego records under the name of Tek-9, while Mark has operated as Manix (until the dissolution of the Manix concept in late 1995). Together, they also record on Reinforced as Cold Mission, on various other labels as Tom & Jerry, Maxximum Style, and released music for Belgium's R&S as Jacob's Optical Stairway.

Throughout 1992-4, Goldie became involved in the Internal Affairs division, producing music under the code name Rufige Kru (or Cru), and collaborating with Dego and Mark on such projects as Internal Affairs and Project AK-O. Goldie has since gone on to found his own drum'n'bass organization, Metalheadz, a leader in the field of sonic rhythmic research.

Artists in the Reinforced roster have included obscure technicians such as R. Solution, Code 071, USI, Underground Software, Nebula II, and Primary Source, as well as well-established specialists such as Ray Keith & Doc Scott (as Scott & Keith), Younghead, L Double (as Low Key Movements), DJ Peshay, and Nookie.

With the music of Dego and Mark taking a different path, Reinforced has become an outlet for new artists, allowing them to bring bold sound specialists into the scene, such as Leon Mar (Arcon 2), Chris Energy, Seiji, G-Force, Alpha Omega, Sonar Circle, Space Link, New Skool, and Torus; while continuing to bring in more experienced enforcers such as Aqua Sky, Lemon D, J Majik (as Innervisions), Paradox, and Goldie to expand the boundaries of drum&bass production.

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