Catalog NO: AMB 9957
Title: OnetoThree
Artist: Thomas Fehlmann
Format: CD
  • I wanna be a fishy
  • charlies angeles (written by marvin martin remixed by thomas fehlmann)
  • monza
  • Threefour kings club
  • Don't tempt me( written by juan atkins remixed by thomas fehlmann)
  • superfr†hst†ck trashaestheticversion( remix produced by avanessian/zelonky/plug research)
  • wee wee mademoiselle rmx01q (remix produced by to rococo rot)
  • wee wee mademoiselle part diversion (remix produced by sextant (sun electric/willekes wille)
  • superfr†hst†ck superflowingremix (remixed by thomas fehlmann)
  • crispy duck
  • tuning (w/Daniel Miller)
  • friedrichstrasse (w/Robert Fripp)