SIGILLUM S - A short biography.

Born on 23 December 1985 the project has had, since the beginning, the aim to be totally against the logic of the Ňband". It has been conceived as an open structure in which people could work and research on different subjects.
Formed by Eraldo Bernocchi, guitars, electronic treatments, voive and programmation, Paolo Bandera, electronic treatments, bass and voice and Luca Di Giorgio, keybords; the project has always been a double faced creature, mixing together on the same level a precise ritual/ethnic aspects with a violently noisy music. In more than nine years Sigillum S studied and researched on a moltitude of matters, from politics to philosophy, from deviant media to ritual traditions ... Since the beginning, Sigillum S had as path to be followed the knowledge and the total war against any kind of limit or taboo, refusing any kind of relationship with political/religious structures. In these years they have been touring quite extensively through all Europe and Canada, taking on stage a multimedia attack based on videos, slides and artworks used as a part of the stage.
They collaborated with different groups in different situations, like: Ain Soph, The Sodality, Gerstein, Iugula-Thor, Dive, Outoff Body Experience, the sculptor Milo Sacchi and the multimedia/artist Koma, and many others. Believing in collaboration as the key for a new standard of communication and freedom, Eraldo Bernocchi and Petulia Mattioli (Koma) started together the Verba Corrige project. A permanent laboratory for Art, Music and Communication, giving birth to some new projects, like: Ashes, Helix, Koma, Somma, art exibitions, installations, as well as books and videos.
Now Sigillum S project is formed by Eraldo Bernocchi and Paolo Bandera, who are working on the new album together with Mick Harris, which will be out in the middle of 1996.

ASHES - A short presentation.

Started in 1990 as a solo project of Eraldo Bernocchi, Sigillum S founder member. The basic idea was to produce works that would be out of context for Sigillum S, as Ashes is a very personal project, based on a strong individual introspection. After some time it has been developping its own identity, remaining at the same time an open situation. Mainly based on the guitar treatments, which are often used as a mantra for newly born mind paths, Ashes now as its line up.
Different musicians are collaborating with; the use of electronics together with the use of natural sounds as stones or stalagmites organs, and acustic instruments as saxophone or violin. Technology used as tool for new environments. Ashes in now working on the forthcoming new cd "All waters have the drowning colour" together with Bill Laswell and Rino from Almamegretta.

THE SODALITY - Biography.

Created in 1987 by Andrea Cernotto as his personal sexual theatre. During the year involved Sigillum S and Gerda Shlass for the realizzation of the first vinyl, a wall of noise into the deep psychosexual pathologies. The now deleted album has been reprinted by Verba Corrige Prod. adding also some tracks from an old 12". Unfortunately, the Grand Guignol theatre of The Sodality is based on the Andrea Cernotto person, now widely known for being one of the laziest egos in this scene.
At the moment, in five years!!!, only one track has been recorded and itŐll appear on the new Verba Corrige compilation. We still wait for some new outputs of this humorous guy ...

HELIX - Biography

Conceived as Sigillum S side project stand in the opposite side of the well known experimental project. There Sigillum S builds towers of sound layers and atmospheres, here Helix finds its strongest power point in the simplicity of elements, it even reaches the point of refusing any kindof beats with the sole exception of those created by electronic frequencies. Here emotions are not considered at all, their place is taken by sensorial stimulation. Titled "Numbers", the first cd is now ready for print... Current Line Up: Paolo Bandera -Tapes, Synthetizers. Eraldo Bernocchi - Programming, samplers, Tapes and Synthetizers.