E.O.E. - "Equations Of Eternity"

1 - DESCENT: based on the act of sending rhythmic shock waves rippling up the spine in order to wake the Kundalini gland hidden behind the rectum. Tantrick tradition affirms that this is possible also by ejaculation of semen during anal intercourse...a descent.
2- SHADOW SEWER: based on the babylonian demon called Asakku. The demon is an illness bringer and babylonians used to define him “the one that covers on you like a dress made by shadows”.
3 - THE COLLECTOR: During his whole life Austin Osman Spare summoned and gave form to hundreds and hundreds of Familiar entities. He spent his last years totally surrounded by them...but like all maniacal collectors ended in the worst of manners... like a fool.
4 - EONS GEOGRAPHY: the map of a millenary passage in time spotted by different magickal systems tending to an higher level.
5 - STREAM: the energy stream coming from Death Posture according to Austin Osman Spare.
6 - SLOW BLEED: according to Crowley the blood from the moon is the most powerful magick tool we can use for any kind of pourpose.
7 - LOA: ...Gods of Vaudu tradition moving from bodies to souls...
8 - 5TH ELEMENT: ...in some Tibetan monastery certain secret rituals are performed. All body fluids are used in order to reach a 5th element formed by all human energies. A couple have sexual intercourse while all other monks perform a sort of communion eating and drinking these fluids.
9 - FIFTY GATES: according to Crowley Thot Tarot deck the number 50 is linked to arcane number 13, The Death, and to Ebrew letter Nun.


Eraldo Bernocchi: electronics, programming, treated guitars.
Bill Laswell: bass and interstellar influence.
Mick Harris: electronics, programming. Created at Verba Corrige Studio, Milan, Italy - The Black Box, Birmingham, UK - Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York City. October 95/September 1996.
Produced and mixed by Eraldo Bernocchi for WordSound at Verba Corrige Studio.
Greenpoint Studio engineering: Robert Musso
Photo infection and design: Petulia Mattioli
Original photo: Bruna Rotunno
Material Inc.: John Brown
Total respect: S.H. Fernando [and the WordSound media troops], Bob Musso [Mastertronics], John Brown [custodian of the Material world], Anton Fier [sound sewer], Almamegretta [Vesuvian dub aliens], Petulia Mattioli [ruler of perception], NG5361 [noise seducer], Stefano Galli [crasher of rules].

"Pour water on thyself: thus thou be
a Fountain to the Universe.
Find thou thyself in every Star.
Achieve thou every possibility."

Aleister Crowley - the Book Of Thoth ber 1996.
Produced and mixed by Eraldo Bernocchi for WordSound at Verba Corrige Studio.