Bill Laswell: Imports

Abstract Depressionism. Trance and dub in a dark mood, with Material, Praxis, DXT, Eraldo Bernocchi, Solo, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Mick Harris, and Mami Chan. On APC.

Boniche Dub. Ambient dub remixes of the North African Lili Boniche CD. Smokey and dreamy. Produced by Bill Laswell & Jean Touitou. On APC.

Lili Boniche: Alger Alger. The last Jewish musician in Algeria, recorded in Paris, a historic recording that will preserve the tradition forever. Wtih Maurice El Medioni, Gregoire Garrigues, Hakim Hamadouche, Maurice Sellem, and Armand Suissa. Produced by Bill Laswell & Jean Touitou. On APC.

Laswell/Howard/Hayward/Frith: Meridiem. Intensely sung songs with tight improvisational music from the band that should always been there.Percy Howard on vocals, Laswell on bass, Charles Hayward on drums, and Fred Frith on guitar. On Materiali Sonori (US distribution by Allegro.)

Sapho: Digital Sheika. Middle Eastern excursions from modern funk to the ancient sounds of North African spirits. With Sapho on vocals, Zahera, Hallilifa, Cheb Qchatar, Jalal Hamdaoul, Noubfel H., Aziz Heditan, Fido K., Bombax and Pat Jabbar and Bill Laswell. On Barbarity.

Almamagretta: Lingo. Rock colored by reggae, jungle, and ambient, born in Italy but floating above. Includes Bill Laswell on bassOn EMI Italy.

Bill Laswell: Oscillations 2. Bill Laswell creates a jungle outpost, with sounds, drones, and scary events. On Sub Rosa.

Bill Laswell: Oscillations Remixes. Original Oscillations jungle tracks are remixed by Endemic Void, Vedic, Scanner, Nico, Atom Heart, Bisk, DJ Grazhoppa, Ui, and Soul Static Sound . On Sub Rosa.

Boris Feoktistov: Russian Chants (Parastas). Bill Laswell as alchemist ambient translator of this spiritual voyage. On Meldac.

Praxis: Transmutation Live. Recorded in Switzerland, with the Invisible Scratch Pickles and Praxis. A scratch and guitar fest. On Douglas.

Brainstorm. This environmental compilation from Israel includes the track "Rainfall" from Possession.

Nirvana. The soundtrack to the film "Nirvana" by Gabriele Salvatores includes the track "Last Dance" by Bill Laswell and Eraldo Bernocchi of Verba Corrige. On San Isidro (Italy).

Russell Mills: Undark. This ambient release from artist Russell Mills (who did the cover art for the re-release of Seven Souls features Bill Laswell on one track. On Emit.

Haruomi Hosono and Bill Laswell: Interpieces Organization. An ambient sound sculpture by YMO's Haruomi Hosono and Bill Laswell, with contributions from Something Wonderful, Terre Thaemlitz, Yoshihiro Sawasaki, Tetsu Inouse, and Miharu Koshi. On Baidis, Japan.

Sample Material. Sampled sounds from Material and Axiom releases for use by DJs and recording artists, assembled by Bill Laswell and Robert Musso. On Sounds Good (Belgium).

Macro Dub Infection, Volume 2. Mostly modern dub, with a rootsy Bill Laswell/Sacred System track. On Virgin

Pete Namlook and Bill Laswell: Psychonavigation 3. Dub and synth meet in space for a timeless journey beyond the cogent mind. On Fax.

Almamegretta: indubb. Remixes of tracks from Italian pop group Almamgretta. Includes an amazing deep dub remix by Bill Laswell along with other remixes from Adrian Sherwood, Scorn, Almamegretta, and others. On BMG Italy.

Verba Corrige Productions, from Eraldo Bernocchi, of Somma 1 fame.

Hideo Yamaki: Shadow Run. Hard fusion of rhythm and noise, with African overtones. With Nicky Skopelitis, Aiyb Dieng, Bernie Worrell, Ginger Baker and more. On Mercury Japan.

Flying Mijinko Band: Central Asian Tour. "Contact with music that comes from earth," music that seethes cultures from Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Japan and America. With Akira Sakata, Michihiro Sato, Nicky Skopelitis, Bill Laswell, Anton Fier, Aiyb Dieng, and more. Released by The Japan Foundation, but not available for sale.

Third Rail: South Space Age Delta. Music from the swamp infused with blues, featuring James Blood Ulmer, Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrell and Zigaboo Modeliste. On Polystar Japan, US release in 1997.

Somma 1: Hooked Light Rays. Ambient dub translations of Tibetan monks, recorded in Milan, Italy and finished in New York City. On Low.

Pete Namlook and Bill Laswell: Psychonavigation 2. Inner mind ambient explorations and exercises in trance, walking the dub line. With Robert Musso and Anton Fier. On FAX.

Bill Laswell: Silent Recoil: Dub System One. Deep dub meets the cocktail lounge, with dark ambient echoes closing. On Low.

Transonic 3: Future Primitive. Ambient textures propel through space-driven guitar by Robert Musso. With Bill Laswell and Umar Bin Hassan. On Fax.

Aiyb Dieng: Rhythmagick.. From echoes of Santana to Pharoah Sanders' soaring sax and ghaita, percussionist Dieng's album takes the mind and body on a journey through African lands. With Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Bill Laswell, Umar Bin Hassan, Trilok Gurtu and others. On Blues Interactions.

Bill Laswell: Outer Dark. Primal rhythms, Indian echoes, tunnels under thought on Bill Laswell's first solo release since Hear No Evil. On Fax.

Pete Namlook and Bill Lawswell: Outland. "The Divisionists are much given to the practice of black magic in general, and they have innumerable formulas of varying efficacy for destroying the Mother Cell, also known as the Protoplasm Daddy, by torturing or killing a captured replica." (WSB) On Fax.

Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects: Shabeesation. North Africa dance beats, driven by rub-a-dub bass from Bill Laswell. Moroccan tribal dub that cuts across cultures. On Barbarity. Also available domestically on Ryko.

Blind Light: Absence of Time. -- Anton Fier reworks The Golden Palominos' Pure with Phew on vocals. Intense rhythms, fat bass grooves, and dubby mixes result in sensuous dreamy tracks. With Bill Laswell, Nicky Skopelitis, Knox Chandler, Aiyb Dieng, Lori Carson and Lydia Kavanaugh. On Alda.

Bachir Attar: The Next Dream. Tribal music of North Africa brought into the 21st century, another trance excursion into the past. From a Master Musician, with Aiyb Dieng and Maceo Parker. On CMP.

Anton Fier: Dreamspeed. The companion album to This Is How It Feels, with vocals by Phew. A more ambient interpretation from Fier, oozing with sensuous rhythms. On Avant.