Abstract Depressionism. Trance and dub in a dark mood, with Material, Praxis, DXT, Eraldo Bernocchi, Solo, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Mick Harris, and Mami Chan. On APC.

Boniche Dub. Ambient dub remixes of the North African Lili Boniche CD. Smokey and dreamy. Produced by Bill Laswell & Jean Touitou. On APC.

Lili Boniche: Alger Alger. The last Jewish musician in Algeria, recorded in Paris, a historic recording that will preserve the tradition forever. Wtih Maurice El Medioni, Gregoire Garrigues, Hakim Hamadouche, Maurice Sellem, and Armand Suissa. Produced by Bill Laswell & Jean Touitou. On APC.

Divination: Sacrifice. A dense, textural, meditative soundtrack luminating with natural elements. With Bill Laswell and Laraaji. On Meta. For ordering, contact Playing By Ear.

Bill Laswell's Jazzonia. Jazz standards meet hip-hop, performed as only the Laswell massive could perform them. Vocals by Asante, Blue, Bootsy, Amina Claudine Myers, and Melle Mel. With Bill Laswell, Karl Berger, Brandon Ross, Byard Lancaster, Graham Haynes, Nicky Skopelitis, DXT, and Roc Raida. On Douglas..

Praxis: Collection. Guitar-driven madness from the power trio plus guests. Previously released material. With Buckethead, Bill Laswell, Brain, Eye, John Zorn, Mick Harris and Death Cube K. On Douglas.

Sacred System: Nagual Site. Eastern mysticism, Western funk. A mind expanding excursion of Indian vocal music merging into instrumental passion On Wicklow. Visit Wicklow's web site.

Sapho: Digital Sheika. Middle Eastern excursions from modern funk to the ancient sounds of North African spirits. With Sapho on vocals, Zahera, Hallilifa, Cheb Qchatar, Jalal Hamdaoul, Noubfel H., Aziz Heditan, Fido K., Bombax and Pat Jabbar and Bill Laswell. On Barbarity.

Laswell/Howard/Hayward/Frith: Meridiem. Intensely sung songs with tight improvisational music from the band that should always been there.Percy Howard on vocals, Laswell on bass, Charles Hayward on drums, and Fred Frith on guitar. On Materiali Sonori (US distribution by Allegro.)

Nicky Skopelitis and Raoul Björkenheim: Revelator. Darkly hypnotic drones, delta blues, African highlife, noises and sounds, escaping from guitar geniuses Skopelitis and Björkenheim. With Bill Buchen and Bill Laswell. On Douglas.

Almamagretta: Lingo. Rock colored by reggae, jungle, and ambient, born in Italy but floating above. Includes Bill Laswell on bassOn EMI Italy.

Bill Laswell: Oscillations 2. Bill Laswell creates a jungle outpost, with sounds, drones, and scary events. On Sub Rosa.

Miles Davis: Panthalassa. Electric Miles Davis, in funky remixes by Bill Laswell, returning from the grave to enlighten civilization in new forms. Tracks from In A Silent Way, On the Corner, Get Up With It, including previously unreleased material. Packaging by Russell Mills. On Sony.

Bill Laswell: Oscillations Remixes. Original Oscillations jungle tracks are remixed by Endemic Void, Vedic, Scanner, Nico, Atom Heart, Bisk, DJ Grazhoppa, Ui, and Soul Static Sound . On Sub Rosa.

Material with William S. Burroughs: The Road to the Western Lands. Remixes of the classic Road to the Western Lands from Seven Souls, a warping voice and music by DJ Soulslinger, DJ Olive, Talvin Singh, Springhill Jack, and Bill Laswell. On Triloka.

Fadela & Sahrawi: Walli. Funk from North Africa with exotic sounds and dance rhythms. Liner notes include recipes. Produced by Bill Laswell and Maghni. On Rounder.

Bernie Worrell: Free Agent, A Spaced Odyssey. Funk from its roots in Africa to rock. Bernie Worrell travels the keyboard along with Buckethead, Bill Laswell, Hamid Drake, Aiyb Dieng, Dominic Kanza, and J.P. Sluys. On Polystar.

The Last Poets: Time Has Come. The Last Poets define the message for the 21st century in a personal and political exploration of blackness. Poets Umar Bin Hassan and Abiodun Oyewole are joined by percussionist Babatunde and Chuck D, Pharoah Sanders, DXT, Aiyb Dieng, and Khalil Hassan and Jamal Whatly. On Mouth Almighty.

Paul Schutze: Site Annubis. Miles redux, an excursion into funk and other consciousness. With Bill Laswell, Raoul Bjorkenheim, Alex Buess, Lol Coxhill, Julian Priester, and Dirk Wachtelaer. On Big Cat.

Ashes: Corpus. Psycho spiritual trips from Eraldo Bernocchi, dark ambient in the most dark places, with Bill Laswell, and Reeno. On CNI.

Bill Laswell: City of Light. Music and ambience brewed on the streets of India, an Eastern frame of mind. With Lori Carson, Trilok Gurtu, Hakim Bey, Coil, and Tetsu Inoue. Spoken word produced by Janet Rienstra. On SubRosa.