Sonny Sharrock


What I will remember most about Sonny Sharrock - even before the music - will be the laughter...the sense of humor The fun We laughed a lot We laughed at the conditions that we had to tolerate to continue doing creative music We laughed at the reaction - the response to that music - from the journalists, the audience, even the musicians - the same sad, phony, lost motherfuckers who will show up now to say How great he was How overlooked and underrated he was How he could have done so much more... We laughed a lot But this part is serious Serious as a heart attack Peace Sonny You gave a lot...more than they'll ever know

----Bill Laswell, May 30, 1994 Sonny! We saw the beauty before you left. Such a beautiful solo, heart open for all to touch, soul dancing on strings, the fine tuning of the smile, nothing left in the past but the future! You were fun...Sonny, so much fun You laugh...I cry! You laugh....I cry for your presence in this moment of depression! Sonny, I love the music too...I want to be human too...a poem for the musician in Death! And Life must go on, not to miss you Sonny...not to glorify you, not to must listen to the understanding of your real friends, know how much there was left to give, a quick smile and then serious again, always the music... Peace, Sonny! ---- Umar Bin Hassan, Last Poets, May 28, 1994

Sonny Sharrock with Pharoah Sanders: Ask the Ages, on Axiom

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