Cypher 7: Security. Jeff Bova and Alex Haas again create dreamscapes and nightmares. Intensely textured inner visions clash with rhythm, not reality. With Bill Laswell and Jaron Lanier. On Subharmonic.

Bill Laswell and Terre Thaemlitz: Web. The infinite deep is punctured by hellish visits from the other side. Titles include "Open URL" and "Transfer Complete." On Subharmonic.

Valis I: Destruction of Syntax. Hip-hop ambient dub, from the constant redefinition of music as conscience. Tracks by Automaton, DXT, Spectre, Corporal Blossom, DJ Spooky and more. On Subharmonic.

Divination: Akasha. "Ambient"on one disc, "Rhythm" on one disc, light and darkness. With Haruomi Hosono, M.J. Harris, Anton Fier and DXT. On Subharmonic.

M.J.Harris and Bill Laswell: Somnific Flux. Dark journeys in beatless space, a quiet nightmare of eerie silences. On Subharmonic.

Divination Ambient Dub Vol. 2: Dead Slow. An excursion into ambient music and dub with Bill Laswell, Jah Wobble, Mick Harris, and Jeff Bova. Bass engine music for opiate dreams.

Chaos Face: Doom Ride. A never-ending sonic nightmare possessed with harsh and brutal rhythms. Some of the most frightening sounds ever on disc (including Peter Wetherbee's steam radiator) appear here.

Bill Laswell and Jonah Sharp: Visitation. A sonic transmission of ambient dreamspace, this takes the infinite journey through endless time.

Cypher 7: Decoder. Trance-like musical cycles that envelop the listener until all sense of time vanishes. Dreamy, yet engaging. With Jeff Bova and Alex Haas.

Automaton Jihad: Points of Order. Middle Eastern dub assassins and mystical anarchists drifting into the black. Visions of terror mix with beats, violin, guitar, bass. With Nicky Skopelitis, Liu Haydn, Tetsu Inoue, Bill Laswell and Robert Musso.

Death Cube K: Dreamatorium. Grinding guitar and bass, music for the mortuary. With Buckethead and Bill Laswell.