VERBA CORRIGE PRODUCTIONS - A short presentation.

Verba Corrige Production is an Art/Music Production Center and it has been created by the necessity of guarding the creative identity and dignity. It is based on the tidal interaction between Art and Music and at the same time focus is placed in wishing to elaborate and implement action and communication spaces for 'difficult' outputs.

Verba Corrige was born from Petulia Mattioli, a multimedia graphic-artist, and Eraldo Bernocchi, founder member of the audio-conceptual project Sigillum S. The aim is to build new and autonomous operative platforms.

Concerning the SOUND, till today different subjects are working with Verba Corrige, among the others Sigillum S, Ashes, The Sodality, Helix, Somma; also collaborating: Bill Laswell, Mick Harris, Jim Plotkin, Jorge Reyes, Almamegretta, Transmisia, RSU, BFY, Dive . . . These projects are principally oriented to electronic music.
Verba Corrige Productions Music Information.

On the other side, the VISUAL is moving in two different ways: for some works, Petulia Mattioli is operating as a graphic designer and for more complex projects she is operating as Koma; as a matter of fact she is also inside Verba Corrige as an artist, using the name 'Koma'. In this case the Artworks used, are inspired by the SOUND and vice versa, then they are organized together with the graphic work, which becomes a form of Art too. These works are a sort of 'virtual' exibition, where the expositive space is the paper. ( For ex. the CD Box set “Malattia” - Sigillum S ). The necessity of denying the CD cover as a simple product presentation, using it as a divulgative media. Naturally Verba Corrige is also collaborating with other different artists, such as the photographer Bruna Rotunno and the sculptor Milo Sacchi.
Verba Corrige VISUALS by Petulia Mattioli.

On different levels Verba Corrige is actually working with a network of independent entities formed by record labels, distributors and publishers, pointing the energy on a global vision. Different fields and aspects are often bounded together in the SOUND and VISUAL research addressing towards a confrontation. The quality standard and the detailed cure with which every project is realized is a kind of antagonism against the normalization and the superficial attitude of any kind of expression. Innovation, ghettoized cultures and deviances are in Verba Corrige as treasures and subjects for future realizations.

As a 'Cultural Project', Verba Corrige tries to guarantee real interaction between different entities, becoming variable sum of sound, lights, attitudes ...


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