Verba Corrige Productions - The Music

SIGILLUM S: Two long experimental dub-hop tracks for a limited vinyl edition are finally out on Old Europa Cafè, the well known extreme sounds label. Tidal Surface Tension is the title. Sigillum S has just finished mastering the next studio album, S/M Tek-Shi. This time Mick Harris has joined them on drums and mixing. It should be out by the beginning of 1998 on the Hands label from Germany. The first edition of the CD will be a limited edition with one vinyl album featuring unreleased live tracks from the '93 period. Packaging and artwork will by Petulia Mattioli.
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ASHES: They are signed to CNI/Italy and second cd Corpus is now in stores (out on WordSound in the US.) Another album is now under way and should be recorded in Bill Laswell's new studio during the first half of 1998. Line up will be the same as the previous album with some additions. br> More on Ashes.
Cover, Liner Notes and Credits for Ashes.

HELIX: The new side project formed by Sigillum S members, is now ready for its first public appearance with the first CD "Numbers". The sound direction is going into pure electronic/noise/dub territories with no rhythm at all. Beats are generated using electronic frequencies only.
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THE SODALITY is giving no sign of life at all. Noise and grand guignol lovers have to wait... Sorry but the guy is really lazy.
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JORGE REYES: Mexican musician/composer has been recording during last January together with Eraldo Bernocchi from Sigillum S/Ashes. The collaboration result will be issued in the next months. Till now no name has been chosen for this project.

SOMMA: Hooked Light Rays was the first output for this project formed by Bill Laswell and Eraldo Bernocchi. The work on the Tibetan Monks tapes was completed in New York. The output is number one of a series related to traditional esoterical and magical recordings translated with processors and additional elements. The CD is now on sale through LOW. SOMMA performed live on November 25th in Torino/Italy at the Opera Theatre Regio together with seven Tibetan Monks. A live record from the performance is planned. In the meantime '98 will see SOMMA appear live on stage for some european festivals, with the lineup seeing the addition of Trilok Gurtu on percussions. As usual, live mixing by Oz Friz and visuals by Petulia Mattioli.

FREQUENCIES: A new project based entirely on electronics and formed by Mick Harris and Eraldo Bernocchi. First album, titled "Neoartic", is now ready. Minimal atmospheres, quite a meeting between melancholy and an overwhelming sense of despair. Strong beats and trance cycles meet distant drones and spare piano notes.

E.O.E.: This new project is totally based on sounds and rhythms coming from several shamanic and ritualistic traditions. The lineup includes Bill Laswell, Mick Harris and Eraldo Bernocchi. Some of the recording was made in Birmingham at Mick's Black Box Studio. Final mixing took place in Milan,Italy. The CD is available on WordSound/NY. Limited edition vinyl is planned. A new recording by the trio as well some live acts are expected in '98, with the CD released again on WordSound.
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SIMM: This new project from Eraldo Bernocchi is breakbeat orientated with guitar samples and quite dark drones. "Nowhere" a 12" came out on Possible Records (new Mick Harris label) since September, the full length CD album "Welcome" is out now (CD + 2x12") as well a couple of tracks on the Bill Laswell compilation "Valis II" on Ion and a remix of a new Possible Records artist Interceptor. Simm also appears on Laswell's Reanimator compilation. A new album is due to come out in '98. Credits and track listings for SIMM.

THE SCAVENGER: new project from Eraldo Bernocchi. Extremely dirty and violent breackbeats. A triumph of overloads for the next aural sub-experience. Coming out on vinyl only on Black Hoods from Brooklyn.

ERALDO BERNOCCHI: After remixing the industrial/metal italian band RSU, the Croatian Trasmisia,the Belgian DIVE, Italian Interceptor, as well remixing a couple of tracks for Italian independent pop stars Almamegretta, he's now producing together with Mick Harris a miniCD of the above Trasmisia and they're planning to jointly produce the debut album of a new Italian act, BFY, a crossover between hip hop/NIN/Scorn. He's also worked with Bill Laswell on the soundtrack to the movie "Nirvana" from Italian Oscar winner director Gabriele Salvatores. Eraldo also produced the soundtrack of a CDROM totally dedicated to the art of the artist Moebius (The Fifth Element, Alien, Dune etc.) He's also arranging the first tour for new independent Italian pop star Francesca Lago as well tracks from the experimental act Dead Burger. He was also signed to produce sample CDs for Sounds Good, a well known Swedish sample CDs label. Also, he just remixed the Italian pop bands Scisma and AFA.

PETULIA MATTIOLI/KOMA: She finished her first video for DIVE, realized for the Daft Records label and released under the distribution of Discordia , Germany. About 60 minutes and home made, but well realized. She also directed the first clip for Francesca Lago. After finishing artworks and covers for Ashes, SIMM, Somma, EOE, she's also working on special packaging/limited editions. She's also in charge for the whole image of Italian alternative pop singer Francesca Lago. In progress also is a photo book together with photographer Bruna Rotunno based on the end of millenium ambiguity. Koma will infect most of the shots. She made the scenography and the light design for the Somma live concert at the Regio Theater of Torin, Italy on November 25 1996. She is also working on different installations, her first interest, that will be organized on the occasion of two different Music Festival in '97. She's also working on the art direction and artwork for Almamegretta's next tudio album as well the advertising campaign. Verba Corrige VISUALS by Petulia Mattioli.