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"The Ambient Cookbook II"
(P.N.,Dr. Atmo,Hubertus Held,Christian Thier,Bill Laswell,Atom™,Bobby Bird (HIA),Wolfram Spyra,Mixmaster Morris,Richie Hawtin,Geir Jenssen,Klaus Schulze,Tetsu Inoue,David Moufang,New Composers,Peter Prochir,Jochem Paap,Burhan Öçal)

Here it comes. The long awaited 10 year anniversary release from FAX. A special 4 CD Mix that is not merely a 'best of' FAX Chill-Out and Ambient music but something entirely new. Pete Namlook himself created a digital mix that combines, at times, up to 5 tracks to give an entire new view to the sound of FAX music at a total length of over 5 hours.

The artists featured on this release are a who's who of Electronic Music. In fact, these musicians formed together with Pete Namlook to create the sound of the label and were innovators in their individual fields. This release is limited to 1000 copies and according to the prices on Ebay for limited items of FAX from the past, this will be the perfect collectors item for the future and we estimate the first and last pressing will be gone even before the CD is has shipped. So we highly recommend you pre-order. This release comes with a big booklet and a lot of recipes like its predecessor, some historical facts and insights to the labels philosophy. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we did creating it.

Music by:Air, Silence, Escape, Namlook/Held, Sequential, Psychonavigation, Coer Atomique, Namlook, Shado, Jet Chamber, Syn, Virtual Vices, Dreamfish, From Within, Fires of Ork, The Dark Side of the Moog, Pulsation, Outland, Planetarium, Jochem Paap, 2350 Broadway, Ambient Otaku, MoveD/Namlook, Koolfang, EMC, Miles Apart, Hearts of Space, Sultan, SHADO.

10 Years anniversary box from the worlds most prolific Chill-Out/Ambient label