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I heard about the discussion on the internet from Mixmaster Morris. If you could give this to the net it would be appreciated (just to avoid misunderstandings).

  1. my limitation of records is 400-600 each title (this depends on the pressing plant. If you order 500 it is not said that you'll receive exactly this quantity. Since my distributor ran into problems by the beginning of this year by selling this limited quantity worldwide I had to find a way to ease the situation for everybody. As these problems came from the high price, 1 decreased the price dramatically and increased the limitation to 1000. This turned out to work extremely well. This started with AIR II CD. The reason why there are shops all over the world selling FAX is that I am very much into spreading the Ambient idea worldwide...this leads to...
  2. yes, I said that I wanted " to flood the market" but a lot of people misunderstand. With limited editions you couldn't flood the market with a lot of copies on one CD. The last thing that I am interested in is sell-out. I want to flood the market with a lot of different music that through the variety of sounds

    The unlimited sales are being made by the companies who license FAX like instinct who will be starting to sell FAX (5 double CDs starting with a compilation) in fall (September). To be innovative not only re to music is our main motto...the music and the artist is our main concern.

  3. Pete Namlook a New Age musician...this is just so ridiculous. I did 2 tracks for 2 different New Age collections because the record company that I was releasing the last of my " Romantic Warrior" albums asked me to do so. At this time I didn't know what NA was. They just said do two of your beatless tracks. When I gave these tracks to them they complained that they were not melodic enough and quite melancholic and they only released them because the deadline was very close and they had no alternative track. I released one of this two tracks " undercover" on FAX. Just listen to the track "homo ambiens" on Limelight CD. It is identical with the track "Space Quest" on "European New Instrumental Music" (a compilation on Blue Flame with Tangerine Dream, Enya etc.). Later as I continued to do my kind of "New Age" music, which was already what you call now Ambient and I call Environmental music, and denied to do Jazz-Rock Fusion or "real" New Age the record company didn't want to take any track from me...then I started doing techno and sold with my first record in this area "Sequential" on POD Communications my kind of music on the B-Side (" The Mission " - a 7 year old track which was called "The Sonne" before). Fortunately the techno listeners were more open minded than the New Age crowd and after a time when I was selling Fax Vinyl with all the Environmental "B-"Sides the listeners in England said that I want to sell my dance tracks through my Ambient music.

That's the story so far. The future: no musical boundaries ahead....