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The Four Seasons
(Pete Namlook)

Previously released as musical postcards with no covers or cases, the original 4 CDs were composed between 1993 and 1995 under the name "Seasons Greetings". Pete Namlook has now compiled and edited the music to release one full length CD which features all 4 seasons with an explanation of the main ideas behind the music for each track on the inside of the booklet. This very balanced and unique product also contains Peter's real definition of the word Ambient in a very explicit way. Following the path of the great impressionist composers of the late 19th century, he improvised on the impressions that came to him during the four seasons. Of course these were brought to life with the instruments of our time; synthesizers, ringmodulators, etc. and incorporating environmental sounds. The main sentences that formed the idea of these pieces of music were:

Nature is awakened1 Spring18.30
The intensity of the sun2 Summer18.30
A stormy nature3 Autumn18.30
The silence is infinite4 Winter18.30

Electronic Impressionism - Environmental Music