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4Voice III
(Pete Namlook)

With the first 4Voice 12" back in 1992 FAX Records innovated Trance music by adding massive melodic and harmonic structures to pure minimalistic 4/4 beat oriented music of this time. 4Voice III is a further chapter in this musical area with a high impact of beat oriented Ambient sounds. Dedicated to -The Place of Mankind- in the vast universe this recording has a strong concept charakter and drives through space from Ambient to Trance to Lounge and back to Trance music.

CD tracks:
1 I Saw a Satellite 2.36
2 The Cosmic Packing Order 7.16
3 No Evidence 8.58
4 Shmooz 7.29
5 The Place of Mankind 7.02
6 The Space Driver 9.12

Sit back and enjoy the ride through the diverse coulours of Trance