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(Pete Namlook & DJ Dag)

Since 1999 DJ Dag and Pete Namlook worked on this album. It combines the strength of two trance-veterans who are symbols of different paths in trance.While DJ Dag concentra-tes more on the club oriented trance sound, Pete Namlook was more into the compositio-nal work of trance and environmental/ambient music. Their joint forces show that the spirit of their Trance paths will never die.

This release is a combination of Trance , Ambient and Space Music never heard before. You can dance .. you can listen at home to it .. it never looses its power and still each track transmitts a message directly to your mind and body.

CD Tracks:
1The Forgotten Trail8.38
2Raum und Zeit6.30
3The West is the Best5.18
4Pure Energy6.45
6You Gotta Hold it in Your Lungs Longer, George7.08

The Spirit of Trance Will Never Die