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Air 3
(Pete Namlook)

Probably nobody expected that there would ever be a third part of this series...but there is ! Almost 2 and a half years went by after the successful release of "Air 2". But finally after a lot of preparation Pete Namlook sat down in his studio to create "Air 3".

The work of many days and nights had the deserved outcome...a brilliant follow up album. You should not expect to hear a remix of "Air 2" but an update on the "Air" project. Through its film character you are drawn into the different emotions, scenes and spaces while listening.

What is the "Secret Heritage"? A Love? Live through these deep feelings yourself and you will find out the truth.

3Est ce que l'amour fait mal?18.53
4Give Space a Trance (Chance I - III)17.34

Tu es belle...si belle que te regarder est une souffrance!