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Air - Elle a du Shell
(Pete Namlook)

With Air 1, Pete Namlook pioneered a style that combined Jazz and Ambient music into a new idea of Ambient music at the time of the CD release back in 1992. Air 2 was a combination of Ethno and Ambient pioneering again a new idea in music. Now, 5 years after that and 3 years after the last release in the Air project series it was time to come up with some new ideas again. "Elle a du Shell" is a combination of the styles that made Air famous, innovative sounds, new combinations of styles and yet close to the Electronic Music of our days. This time the limits are pushed further and you can sit back and enjoy the title track that features Electronic music combined with Caribbean Jazz or Electronic Be-Bop on "Synthetique Be-Bop", Deep Ambient on "Clearing your Head", Space Trance (On Her Way in, On Her Way out) and Ethno-Electronic music (La nuit de tous nos rêves approche). As you can guess from the name of the titles ... some sexy French is included as well as on previous Air releases.

1La nuit de tous nos rêves approche6.47
2Clearing Your Head8.12
3On Her Way9.23
4Elle a du Shell5.44
5Synthetique Be-Bop2.19
7On Her Way Out10.58

Fresh AIR at its best...