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Artist: Pete Namlook
Title: AIR II
Cat No: PK 08/85
Format: CD (60.23 min)
Release date: 27/01/1994 (Limitation: 600 copies)


this time "Travelling Without Moving" is the main theme of the CD. An "AIR"-Astronaut smoothly drifting in the orbit of our planet is visiting the different places of our world by the power of his thoughts. Sound is part of his technique and total relaxation. He's not only interested in the physical "human" entities. Feelings are his main interest. A lot of live recorded percussion in conjunction with environmental sounds give this CD a more 'human' touch. Over 60 minutes in one go, 11 "trips". The step forward from AIR I (which Rising High and Music Man licensed from FAX) to AIR II. Ambient with and without beats between 0 and 130 BPM.