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AMP II - Red Stripes on a White Wall !
(Pete Namlook & Dandy Jack)

This CD is of course again an AMPlified experience of what is possible when two sound-fetishist musicians come together.

Pete used quite some vocal-procession synthesis this time, added melodies, spheric electro-environmental elements and bass-lines... While Chile-based Dandy Jack composed beyond advanced electronic rhythms and soundscapes. The result is a positive, sexy, moving and rather beat-oriented music that surprises with its fusion character. Elements of Minimalism, Elektro, Trance, Environmental and South-American music come together with sounds you never heard before.

CD tracks:
1Galaxy & Stars4.13 12" vinyl:
2City Mail5.08 1Malaria14.41
3Magnetic Kooljack6.44 2Listening of Balls9.08
4Listening of Balls9.08 3Jazztec (vinyl only)6.23
5Red Stripes on a White Wall6.08
6Mr. Tom-Tom9.36

Atmospheric, Sexy, Outaspace Elektronic-Fusion-Music