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(Pete Namlook & Dandy Jack)

Dandy Jack who is already known from the "XJacks" (FAX) and the "Dandy Jack and the Cosmic Trousers" (RI) releases now comes to the Klanglabor to collaborate with Pete Namlook.

Pete: "Working with Dandy Jack was brilliant and very easy. I think its a brilliant record we did there. His sense of humor, beats and sounds is very unique... things I never heard before. Sometimes his South-American roots come through..in a very electronic way. For some of the more Jungle oriented tracks we didnt use any drumloops..he [DJ] programmed very complex grooves...just incredible. I did my best to add some voice, environmental sounds, melody etc. and I am more than pleased with the result of our collaboration..."

5Adolescence *8.20
6Tale of the Experi-Men *6.33
* = CD only

Elektro-Environmental recording with Drums & More