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(Pete Namlook)

The concept of this music is the disbanding of sound into its tiniest components ... into sound-"atoms". In the Klanglabor Frankfurt all different sorts of sounds were sorted out and taken into their smallest parts. After that they were worked on and built together again to completely new sound constructions.

On "1 Environmental Atoms (7.55)" environmental noise was the source of the sounds, on "2 Noise Atoms (14.59)" it was white and pink noise whereas at the end of the composition sine and triangle waveforms were used additionally. "3 Machine Atoms (15.35)" works on machine sounds and machine-specific processing-parameters. "4 Subharmonic Atoms (14.45)" uses sounds of a world novelty, the -Subharmonic Arpeggiator-. Tones of the overtone row are not fit together to subharmonic chords, as Oskar Sala does, but are generated as freely combinable subharmonic arpeggios. "5 Sadness Atoms (13.57)" is the only track that does not deal with the conversion of sounds but with the conversion of emotions. Completely in the sense of Electronic Impressionism. This track is dedicated to my father. I composed it shortly after he died. For "6 Audio Atoms (9.30)" natural percussion instruments which were recorded in realtime were used and processed.

Soundoriented Atom-Electronic music...