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(Tetsu Inoue, Charles Uzzell-Edwards & Daimon Beail)

'AUDIO' is an electronic exploration of the city of San Francisco that began on the corner of Church street and 15th street in 1994 and ends over the Golden Gate bridge North of the city in Marin County in 2000.

Each track is based on an actual location in the city , hence cross-street references like 'Polk and California' , '6th and Market' etc. Each location has its own story just as each person in the city has their own experiences within the grid of the city- the end of lover affairs , the beginning of friendships , people rushing to work, people at play or struggling in an gritty urban world where beauty still shines through like a reflection of the moon in a muddy puddle in the gutter - where there is always still a glimpse of the natural world between the man-made buildings that attempt to modernise us.

Using audio environmental collage , ambient sound , video and photographic stills and advanced computer synthesis techniques the City of San Francisco has been digitised and macromorphed into a world within a world in order to throw the features of the city into sharp contrast and to create a vision of urban sprawl in order to present a human response to the dehumanising effect of modernisation.

Environmental Ambient from San Francisco