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Move D - Namlook - The Audiolounge
(Pete Namlook & David Moufang)

A year after the "Retro Rocket" collaboration of David and Peter they met again to record their new intuitive music live at the David's studio in Heidelberg. New tools, new moods and their experience of 1999/2000 in a musical exchange. They don't talk for a year .. see each other for one day and record music directly to CD-R .. music is their language that is what this record shows. Two innovative musicians who are mainly interested in the soul of electronic music and non-verbal -musical- communication. Of course the whole palette of electronic instruments had been used .. from Trautonium to Nord Modular.. from EMS Synthi to Nord Lead 2. The result is a beautiful, new mixture of Lounge Music, Ambient and Groovy Rhythms.

CD Tracks:
1Don't Call16.15
4May there Be May16.47
5Senior Knob Twiddlers6.08
6Autocomposer (Reprise)3.37

Electronic Lounge, Ambient and Groovy Rhythms