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The Dark Side of the Moog 5 feat. Bill Laswell
(Klaus Schulze, Pete Namlook and Bill Laswell (III,VII))

This time Robert A. Moog himself opens this piece with the words "... I would like to present to you The Dark Side of the Moog." Wide parts have been conceived by the sounds of his inventions... most monumental and deeply moving tones... The collaboration between the three musicians you find on this CD combine the styles of Space Music, Electronic and Dub/Ambient to an irresitable cosmos of sound. It seems as if three masters of their art combined their forces to show their very strengths in music... Klaus for the inimitable chords and sequences, Bill for excellent bass and dark-ethno oriented soundscapes and Peter for komplex-energetic rhythms, sequences, intense melodies (and good cooking). The three of them share their love for weird sounds and special effects. Sounds that take your soundsystem to a higher level.

CD tracks: Psychedelic Brunch Part I - VIII (60.20 min)

The Dark Side of the Moog 5 is for life..not just for christmas