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"The Dark Side of the Moog IX"
(Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze)

After a pause of 3 years Klaus and Pete collaborate again on their successful project. The sound on this CD is very fresh and futuristic as well as it is incorporating the flair of 70ies Space and Ambient music. A journey into sound. There is a certain quality in sound that you can only gain with the old analog synths.. but this CD is more .. it combines the old technology which provides a “warm” and powerful sound with the drumming and sound tools of our days.

This combination and the compositional power of these two composers make quite a difference to the effort to produce music with and from the computer only which is very “hip” at the moment. Listen to rich synth-strings, choirs, Big Moog Sequences, Trautonium, Atmospheric sounds and the new fluid grooves of Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze.

CD tracks:
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Mother (Part I-VI) 54.32 min

A Journey through laid-back Ambient and Chill-Out music