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Krystian Shek - Eisblumen
(Krystian Shek)

This CD is a soundtrack to Krystian Shek's journey to Russia... from Moskau to St.Petersburg in the wintertime of 2002/03. His sounds and compositions reflect the cold and hard atmosphere of the environment on the one hand and the deep and melancholic soul of the Russians on the other. "In Russia there is a lot of poverty but at the same time deep friedship and networking of a quality rarely found in western society..." the artist says.

The music on this CD connects the roots of techno-club-culture with atmospheric soundscapes to a new definition of beatoriented Environmental/Ambient.

CD tracks:
1 2012 2.34
2 Eisblumen 6.39
3 Tannenwald 5.32
4 Abendrot 4.55
5 November 7.54
6 Wake up with the Rain 6.51
7 The Girl from Uzbekistan 6.42
8 Nuclear Island 5.40
9 Night vs. Day 5.56
10 Herimitage 4.25
11 snowGUM 6.16

A new definition of Environmental/Ambient - Techno listening music