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Electronic Music Center
(Pete Namlook)

The Electronic Music Center is a new organization founded by Pete Namlook in order to share knowledge, methods and secrets in electronic music. Our aim is to enhance the global electronic music movement by instructing, training and helping interested musicians on their way to become professional artists. Not only is musical knowledge part of our program but also answering basic questions like how to release your first record on your own without help from any third party. Guest lectureres will be David Moufang (Source Records, KM20), Atom Heart (Rather Interesting) and others. For more information on EMC, get in contact with Christian Thier (DJ Criss) FAX/Phone +49-6039-45406 or visit the EMC home page. Enrollment for the new season begins soon.

The different titles of the tracks are self-explanatory, i.e. the task on Vocal Atoms was to construct a rhythmic piece from 95% self constructed vocal samples (Tetsu Inoue talking) or to transfer a Baroque piece to electronic instruments by using the original score (Ur-text) without loosing the emotional impact and the balance of the original instrumentation (church organ). The Subharmonic Passage is a short piece by P.N. which shows the different harmonic structure of the subharmonic chords that consist of natural tones only as opposed to the purely mathematical interpolated and constructed "well tempered" tones of the western world. The only musician who uses this harmonic structure to its perfection is Oskar Sala who is 86 years old - My Fascinating Instrument on FAX and Subharmonische Mixturen (release date: Fall 1996).

New courses at EMC start the first week in March, June and September and last either from Monday to Thursday or Friday to Sunday. There will be a release of the result from the different workgroups. Income of the CD will be shared and information about the participants will be provided.

1The Great Hall of Synthi 1004:16
3Digital and Subharmonic Workgroup7:38
4Vocal Atoms10:35
5Environmental Observation Post (A Living Room
with a Bird, a Radio and an Open Telephone Line)
6Subharmonic Passage0:48
7Chamber of Synthi Dreams6:32
8How to Ruin a Song With a Special Sound10:12
9Ringmodulation Workgroup3:40
10Inspection Committee14:03
11The Baroque Exposition
J.S. Bach "Passacaglia" in C minor BWV 582

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