FAX +49-69/450464

Artist: Thomas Fanger & Jan Siebert
Title: Fanger & Siebert
Cat No: PS 08/77
Format: CD (74.00 min)
Release date: 26/06/1995 (Limitation: 1000 copies)

Fanger & Siebert

Although already known through their work under the pseudonym "Amorph" Thomas Fanger and Jan Siebert show their real qualities with their debut on FAX.

Pete Namlook says: "I heard this music amongst 50 other Demos at that time and immediately wanted to release it. I didn't know them... and what else they released... after I bought their recent "Amorph" Techno-2CD and listened to it I was not so enthusiastic but through this I got even more into their Fanger & Siebert CD which is a brilliant masterpiece in the beatoriented Elektro-Ambient genre ..."

Beat oriented Elektro-Ambient