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"Namlook - Free Your Mind"
(Pete Namlook)

The Summer 1999 brought some changes at Klanglabor i.e. the 30 year old "Big Moog System" IIIp that Klaus Schulze sold to Pete Namlook (who restored it fully in painful work over weeks), an ARP 2600 and some new Computer Hard- and Software. Through min. 20 daily Systemcrashes of the new Sequencing software in connection with the new Family of G3 Powerbooks this CD comes with quite a delay. Why is that information important for you, the listener of FAX music.. the answer is simple .. with every instrument added the sound of the recording and the music changes and according to Computers .. they started becoming fast enough for Pete to transfer his ideas directly to the machines with less and less boundaries. The result is quite amazing. Beatoriented monumental electronic music with epic and spheric impact. Slow motion sounds which mix with intense beats and synth sounds from vintage gear.

CD Tracks:
1The Real World8.03
2The Colony8.22
3Free Your Mind5.39
4The Forthcoming8.46
5Samba Giselle11.02
6The Dreamreader12.53

Beatoriented monumental electronic music