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This CD includes all the collaborations between DJ/producer Hubertus Held and Pete Namlook. The styles reach from Elektro-Jazz to Trance and Ambient. The more Jazz oriented tracks had been recorded with the help of Robert Sattler-Saxophone, Peter Kuhlmann-guitar and Elisabeth Michels-soprano. This CD is a great mix of the moving rhythms, improvised live music and atmospheric ambient music that made FAX a unique label. It is a view in the past of FAX as well as it is an example of the innovative spirit that rules our decisions in music now and for the future.

CD tracks:
1Pepperbeef6.06 12" vinyl:
2Hey Leroy5.37 1Pepperbeef6.06
3It's Gonna Be Alright5.57 2Hey Leroy5.37
4Part of the Scene6.14 3It's Gonna Be Alright5.57
5Oscar (Final Edit)4.30 4Oscar (Final Edit)4.30
6Global System
(Legal Edit)
7Drug Oriented5.07
8Missing You6.54
9Lakeshore Drive5.13
10I've Learned the Code5.13

True Spring/Summer Jazz-House-Trance-Ambient-