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(Pete Namlook & Steve Stoll)

The rare collaboration of Pete Namlook and Steve Stoll from 1993. Before Steve Stoll explored the dance charts with his style of minimal techno he collaborated with Pete Namlook on this "one of a kind" album. Although these two masterminds had extremely different ideas about making electronic music, this collaboration lead to a CD that has a very special atmosphere including heavily processed beats, (hemi-) spheric sounds and processed voices. 'Carbon Theory' and 'It's Not My Way' had been recorded in New York, 'Hemisphere' and 'Cloud of Orion' in Pete's Frankfurt 'Klanglabor'.

1 Hemisphere 18.11
2 Carbon Theory 9.49
3 Cloud of Orion 23.35
4 It's Not My Way 9.09

'One of a kind' - Ambient Collaboration