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Jet Chamber III
(Pete Namlook & Atom Heart)

Three of a perfect pair. Within three days, Atom Heart and P.N. finished this CD. Mostly recorded live at Pete's Klanglabor, this record is outstanding with its high "Drums & More" (FAX version of Drums & Bass) impact. Pete played a lot of live guitar and octave bass while Atom Heart went crazy with some beats. Funky Synths and jazzy E-Piano completed the outstanding mixture of styles and sounds on this CD.

As on numerous others works, humour had its place: on the more Ambient tracks "Ultra Koran" and "Beel", Pete created an artificial Muezzin. Atom Heart said, "...I see him standing right in front of me..." Sometimes a good machine enhances creativity and lets you do whatever you have in mind. Pete is obviously obsessed by his "Nord Lead" Synthesizer. On "Quite My Chords", it sounds like a jam session of an interactive man-machine drummer with an "only human sentimental" guitar player. No such interactive collaboration has been heard so far...

1Rub Out10.47
2Dub In21.19
3Ultra Koran3.10
4Quite My Chords24.19

FUSION of Dub, Trip-Hop, Drums & More, Ambient and Jazz - this CD is an outstanding recording from two of the most promising producers in electronic music.