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Artist: David Moufang & Pete Namlook
Title: Koolfang - "Gig in the Sky"
Cat No: PK 08/106
Format: CD (60 min)
Release date: 18/12/1995 (Limitation:2000 copies)

Koolfang - "Gig in the Sky"

Relaxed beatoriented "Freestyle" Electro-Jazz on FAX. The first release created quite a buzz. In "Muzik" it was the downtempo record of the month (8/95). This time we want to go a step forward and have some Soul-oriented sounds and a lot of live instrument recording. We permitted ourselves no sampling so everything is orginal, smooth and groovy. This recording is in memory of Pete's father who died on November 14, 1995. Just when they started recording. He was a Soul fanatic and now he has a "Gig in the Sky".

Experience this follow-up of the successful predecessor on four different tracks:
1 Come Closer 12.07
2 Bug Report 13.42
3 It's All Music 11.44
4 Gig in the Sky 22.22

Beatoriented relaxed Jambient... it's all music...