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Artist: David Moufang & Pete Namlook
Title: Koolfang - "Jambient"
Cat No: PK 08/104
Format: CD (58.51 min)
Release date: 06/06/1995 (Limitation:1000 copies)

Koolfang - "Jambient"

Formerly known from the sublabel as Dr. Atmo collaborator on "I.F.", Deep Space Network's David Moufang now comes to collaborate with Pete Namlook for the FAX main label. Together they come up with a new and interesting style... a mixture of jazz and ambient. I won't tell you anymore. Be surprised about these tracks...

1. Koolfang 19.14
2. Fusonics 24.50
3. O-Ton 4.47
4. Counter 10.00

Jambient with beats.