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Move D * Namlook V - Live in Heidelberg 2001
(Pete Namlook & David Moufang)

This release is the recording of Move D-Namlook's first live concert held at Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg, Germany October 2001. As with the spring 2001 release "Wired", this performance (which consists of complete new material) has been realised with both the most modern and innovative software (Live of Ableton and HALion of Steinberg) and amoungst others, the most vintage German electronic instrument (Trautonium). This CD has lots of grooving beats as well as improvised and analogue elements which range from Cyber Jazz to AvantGarde Loop-Techno. As with other collaborations between these two label owners, the warmth and the emotional impact is high. Once again the high technology used in this recording is the perfect interface between man and machine, bringing the imaginations of these two pioneers of German Techno-Jazz, Chill-Out and Ambient music, to life.

CD tracks:
1 Enjoy Jazz 10.29
2 The Grue Bleen Paradox 6.56
3 Pi Machine 9.25
4 Footer 9.02
5 Der Bergkönig 7.39
6 Archer's Nocturnal Doubling 6.52
7 False Decodings 3.00

The two pioneers of German Techno-Jazz, Chill-Out and Ambient live in concert