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Miles Apart
(Pete Namlook & Peter Prochir)

From 1980 on Peter Prochir created sounds and released Vinyl and CDs in the field of the "Dark Side of Electronic Music" also called -Industrial- under different names... the current one: "Sielwolf"

Since 1980 Pete Namlook wanted to record with him as the innovative force of P.Prochir fascinated him and a combination of these two artists styles was a big challenge. The result is quite different from what you might expect... it is a recording completely in the field of FAX's Drums & More definition of beat oriented music.. in fusion with Environmental Ambient sounds, set in the twilight between light & dark.

CD tracks:
Miles Apart8.34
Drop Zone 9.28
SloDRM 11.46
10 0065.45
Soft CRD4.57

Electronic Fusion Music (Drums & More in combination with Dark Environmental Ambient)