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Artist: Oskar Sala
Cat No: PS 08/76
Format: CD (68.46 min)
Release date: 29/05/1995 (Limitation:lOOO copies)


Somebody completely new on FAX providing a totally incredible experience of electronic music and sound It's the electronic pioneer Oskar Sala who already invented new electronic sounds and ideas before Robert Moog was even born.

He studied composition under Paul Hindemith at the Berlin Academy of Music during the 1930ies and also became acquainted there with Dr. Friedrich Trautwein who was working on an electronic musical instrument called the Trautonium. Sala was so fascinated by the project that he began studying with Trautwein and within a very short time gained sufficient knowledge to take over development of the prototype into a playable instrument.

The first Trautoniums were monophonic. They were based on an oscillator with a glimmer lamp and were already able to produce continuous alteration of the tone colour. Serving as a manual was a horizontally stretched wire, which was pressed against the metal rod beneath it. After the war Sala succeeded in discovering a long-sought circuit which was able to place the Trautonium on the basis of subharmonic mixtures (the subharmonic tone series results from whole sequence division of the fundamental frequency and runs in mirror image to the overtone row). Since 1949 untit 1952 he built, based on these researches, the Mixturtrautonium.

Sala, who up to that point had been primarily active as a developer and virtuoso player of the Trautonium, now became more engaged in composing his own music. In 1958 he equipped his first independent studio, which he soon aftewards expanded into a workshop for electronic film music. The most famous example of Sala's film music work is Alfred Hitchcock's thriller "The Birds". Down to the present time he has produced over 300 film music works, many of which were awarded prizes.

With the emcrgence of transistor and micro-electronics the idea arose of buildirrg a new instrument with these media. Three professors of the German Postal Department's vocational college in Berlin with their students and the college workshop took over the design and construction of the new instrument, which they called the Mixturtrautonium based on Oskar Sala. Sala was able to introduce it to the public for the first time in 1988.

Until today he is the only human being on this entire planet who owns and also has the ability to play this special instrument.

The first 6 tracks on this CD were mastered from analogue tape but the last one was played live to DAT and through this shows even better the special strength of his incredible instrument.

Electronic masterpieces bv the inventor...