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The Namlook Collection I
(Pete Namlook)

This MP3 CD represents a special phase in the history of FAX. Pete Namlook who was on stage a lot during the 80's playing Jazz-Standards and a lot of his own repertoire with his Jazz-Rock-Fusion formation "Romantic Warrior" wanted to make a difference with the live performance of his Ambient/Chill-out sound. As a lot of artists in the Techno/Ambient scene at this time just pressed "play to start the tape" he sought a greater challenge, composing an entirly new set while playing live on stage. Collecting some sounds during the pre-performance soundcheck and probing for the lowest possible tone that let the glasses at the bar dance and off he went. Often technical problems before and during the set caused trouble so it was a journey into sound and composition against all odds. With the exception of Namlook III all CDs have been recorded live (I-Frankfurt/Germany,II-Amsterdam/The Netherlands,IV-San Francisco/USA and V-London/UK). Recent developments in mastering technology allowed Pete Namlook to improve the sound of the original releases for this MP3 collection by completly remastering each set. Namlook III had been recorded at Traben-Trarbach and was the first of his more experimental studio-live sets using two EMS-Suitcase synths and a 606. Of course, original cover graphics are again included in the 12 page color booklet and as all the original releases are sold out, you will find them on the internet only for a lot of money.

CDs contained:
Namlook I 69.10 (Astrogator) 256kbps
Namlook II 73.56 (The Dutch Side of the Milky Way) 320kbps
Namlook III 63.01 (Aliens in My Suitcase - Intruder 1-9) 320kbps
Namlook IV 46.35 (Power Supply) 320kbps
Namlook V 62.04 (Reality) 320kbps

The first 5 (sold out) Namlook CDs on one MP3CD
(Encoded between 256 and 320kbps (no difference in listening quality compared to CD))