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Artist: Pete Namlook
Title: Namlook III - Aliens in My Suitcase
Cat No: PK 08/88
Format: CD (63.00 min)
Release date: 15/04/1994 (Limitation:1000 copies)

Namlook III - "Aliens in My Suitcase"

Recommended daily intake... says Pete... this weird piece of Electro-Ambient is a minimalistic approach to Ambient music. As sound sources were used an EMS Synthi AKS "Suitcase" and a Roland TR 606. Mostly written during the chilling weekends of Summer '93 and mixed down 4 weeks ago it is a collection of pure sound oriented tracks. There is no melody or harmony used referred to our normal tonal system. Most of the sounds were created with tones of the subharmonic row... they are very pure and direct.

We highly recommend to listen to this music not too loud the first time, otherwise your speakers could blow. Some tones sweep from 0 Hz to 60 Hz... on normal stereo equipment you can only feel the noise by touching your bass-speakers. Get used to it together with your equipment and you'll be able to find out which volume is best to listen to this weird piece...