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Artist: Pete Namlook
Title: Namlook IV - Live San Francisco
Cat No: PK 08/89
Format: CD (63.00 min)
Release date: 13/05/1994 (Limitation:1000 copies)

Namlook IV

this is in fact a "very live" CD. Everything which could have happened to create a problem happened. Therefore the music of this CD is "dedicated" to the missing 220V power supply, the broken EMS Synthi which I dropped during the setting-up of my equipment, the SE-1 which instantly created its own sounds during the live recording and the Studio 440 with 2 faulty pads and a disk drive which had to be convinced to cooperate. There was no sound check at all and so this CD was completely improvised while it was recorded. -No remix and no editing done-

The buzz on the E-Mail Network in SFO after the show re to this Namlok performance was incredible and a lot of fans and musicians like Jonah Sharp, Mixmaster Morris, Charles Uzzell-Edwards and many others begged us to release this CD. "Definitely different from anything I did before... and I will do in the future..." says Pete.