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Artist: Pete Namlook
Title: Namlook V - Live at Wembley/London
Cat No: PK 08/90
Format: CD (62.18 min)
Release date: 20/06/1994 (Limitation:1000 copies)

Namlook V

Ben Willmott worte about this event in the New Musical Express (23rd of April 1994):

The real reason why most of the 400 or so people braved torrential rain and wallet-battering ticket prices, however, is to see ambient guru PETE NAMLOOK'S first UK show. Trouble is, like his semi-legendary output of 100-plus albums a year, his gigs are as unreliable as they are rare, occasionally veering between insignificant sonic doodling and inaccessible clanking techno.

Add to that each gig's uncertainty - he writes his set on the afternoon of each show - and the prospect of a 75 minute show becomes daunting. An ineffectual opening compounds these fears, but soon we're nodding to a subbass rollercoaster ride that bypasses the crap traps instrumental music often falls into. Undeniably ace. Shame there's no-one here to enjoy it...