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Artist: Pete Namlook
Title: Namlook X - Live at "Global Warming" - Ft. Lauderdale/Florida
Cat No: PK 08/100
Format: CD (60.24 min)
Release date: 03/04/1995 (Limitation:1000 copies)

Namlook X

Namlook's tenth and probably last live appearance for quite a time took place at a special event invented in memory of a big ambient - and especially FAX lover [Robert E. Martinez] who died in a car accident in September 1994. The whole event had total chaos as its method. Planned to take place in Miami, the venue had to be moved to Ft. Lauderdale 4 hours before the start. The new location was only unsatisfactorily prepared for an event like this so again it was a venue "against all odds." Additionally, a frustrated sender of a denied demo-cassette taped the whole venue on video and started to sell these bootlegs through an advertisement on the Internet. "Quite interesting..." Experience Pete's beatoriented set starting at 60 bpm and climbing over 90 and 120 until the audience freaked out.

Very changing beatoriented environmental Ambient.