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Namlook - Solarized
(Pete Namlook)

Solarized is an example for innovative beatoriented music that gains a big deal of inspiration from futuristic films incorporating most unusual sounds as well as tone-colours that are typical for "Namlook". More than the thirteen previous Namlook recordings this CD connects beatoriented athmospheric sounds with TechnElektro. Spheric, epic as well as monumental are only some words to describe the tracks on this CD. As Pete Namlook changed his studios setup to perform a test for the upcoming "The Dark Side of the Moog" - Live appearence at the 'Fabrik-Festival in Hamburg' (23.4.1999) this CD is also an outlook on the sound of upcoming FAX releases.

CD tracks:
1 Go No Go 12.33
2 Solarized 14.55
3 Hidden Love 15.09
4 BEsic AnEmal 11.30

Spheric, epic, monumental Electronic Soundtrack Music