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New Composers (special guest Brian Eno) - Smart
(Valery Lakoff, Igor Vorotnikov, Igr.Ver, Brian Eno (8,11,12)

The New Composers who set standards in the Russian Techno and Ambient scene now collaborate with a man who invented Ambient music in the early 80ies, Brian Eno. The music varies between the piano - charme of a russian ballet studio, pure ambience and environmental music as well as 80ies electronic instrumental and 50ies "Fokstrot" music. Simply incredible how homogenous this mixture of different musical influences sounds and which kind of special atmosphere and sound this music out of Russia has. For Ambient listeners simply a must. No further comment necessary...

1 Strakita 2.50 2 Sirens of Titan 4.33
3 Lovestory 3.01 4 Palace of Friendship on Fontanka 4.15
5 Wodnay 2.53 6 Fokstrot 3.24
7 324-A 4.15 8 Long SQ 9.39
9 Adept 3.31 10 Ekzotek 3.15
11 Short SQ 3.27 12 La-La-La 5.13

The leading forces of Russian Ambient music meet the inventor of Ambient.