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New Organic Life II
(Pete Namlook)

After the release of Pete's first CD solely consisting of molecular sized sound bytes, it took just a blink of an eye for the Frankfurt based radio station HR 2 (cultural program of the "Hessischer Rundfunk") to ask for a Granular Synthesis session by Pete Namlook.

It was broadcasted via terrestrial antenna, cable and sattelite on the 20th of April 2001. Instead of asking for a high fee we were more interested in releasing this music on CD and to present to you the second coming of Pete's monsters in sound. This experimental music achieves full posession of your mind.. we recommend to sit/lie in a meditation tank/bathtub and to listen to the evolving organic energy at a medium to high volume 50 uninterrupted minutes (10 tracks in one go)

CD tracks:
1 In the Beginning There Was the Grain 2.49
2 In and Out of Zoom 3.35
3 Jet - Final Test 9.18
4 Molecular Progression #3 2.35
5 Pixel Party 3.34
6 Airport Freak 6.37
7 Take Me With You to the Stars 6.09
8 Inun 6.22
9 Sundance of the Microbes 4.35
10 Genetic Synthesis 6.50

New Organic Life in Music - Part 2