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Octopus 2
(Charles Uzzell-Edwards)

This project was an attempt...
to weave expressionist rhythms from 'environmental sounds' and accident, to put what I have learnt from DJing many styles of music back into my own music, to build musical impressions of landscapes (electronic recreation of experiences), to make something with an interesting beat that you could dance/chill to, to develop my keyboard skills on the black keys, to get all my keyboards and drum machines to play in the same tempo, to create something that was eclectic enough to avoid being labelled or pigeonholed, to promote the world of the octopus and the deep. It has been a safe place to hide from the world and it has become an entire world within a world for me to play in.

1Thankfully, Coming from Upper
Cwmtwrch it Doesn't Apply
2A Time of Running (Celtic)1.26
3Emotional Rescue1.53
4Steal My Fathers Painting
Would You? Take That!
5Virgo (September 3rd 1968)8.31
6Sedagive? Give Him a 'Sedagive'?!!4.28
7Technology (We Represent)4.28
8Arizona Fountain1.59
9Freshie Pow Pow8.36
10Sunset Song
(Milennium Party in Brazil)
11Point Reyes Anthem17.04

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the deep......