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Outland 3
(Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell)

The conclusion of the successfull "Outland" series. This time connects the old continent -Afrika- and its incredible influence on our music with the vast dimensions of a world beyond our comprehension. Ancient Drumming meets the music of our times and combines these styles to a fusion of ethno-electronic music beyond the topics of pure Ethnic music, Techno, Dub and Ambient.

Soundscapes including Bill Laswell at the low and the distorted end as well as Pete Namlook using new, powerful machines to create the soundtrack to a multidimensional world.

CD tracks:

1 Definition of Life 14.13
2 The Question of Containment 20.44
3 Keeper of the Purple Twilight 11.47
4 DSTC 7.47

STOP thinking four dimensional!
Sounds with a step into the multidimensional world of
Ethno-Electronic Music