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(Pete Namlook & Rob Gordon)

Again a new face on FAX... the original founder of WARP Records and also one of the inventors of the Sheffield sound, Rob Gordon, a man with Jamaican roots but based in England.

During the collaboration with Pete Namlook, Rob was the one to contruct the beats, so that Pete formed his chords, bass and melody reacting to them. A rather different record for FAX, very melodic and moving... true summer music.

On track 3, unexpectedly an additional composer (Mrs. Blackbird) joined in and sang along the chords and rhythms while sitting on the window sill... another surprise you might experience on track 4... but we won't tell too much, yet...

1She Ship11:24
2Flat Pack 12.58
3Blackbird Suite 17.41
4The Hunt 11.22

Beats, Chords, Melodies & Bass = BeChoMeBass