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Planetarium 2
(Pete Namlook & Lakoff/Igr Ver aka - New Composers -)

The New Composers strike again with an album produced by Pete Namlook. The charm of their music and exceptional sound of these Russian musicians are always a good reason for a collaboration. On this album the more beat oriented ideas came to live as well as some Kosmonauts talking to each other about the space station "MIR", a "Start Process" and a "Moontrip". As the musicians involved are also well known for their Ambient/Environmental music, you will find the latest of their ideas in this field as well on this CD. Music to dream and to dance to .. as walking in space is about spirit and motion.

CD tracks:
1 Moontrip 11.45
2 Start Process 10.23
3 Urgent Message 2.54
4 MIR Station - Selektor 8.36
5 Space Casino 4.17
6 6 Beta 9 Answer 3.44
7 Spirit Preparation 8.53
8 Space Ballet 3.48
9 225 2.43

This album is dedicated to all the Science Fiction addicts